Welcome to Petwise Health Insurance

Up to 1 in 2 insured pets require veterinary treatment each year (based on claims received by Petwise in 2009), so its no wonder that more and more responsible pet owners are arranging health care insurance for their beloved pets.

Even routine treatments can cost many hundreds of pounds. More complex procedures can run in to the thousands.

Not all Pet Healthcare insurance policies are the same. Some companies charge all of their customers the same price and will only pay out on a condition for a short period.

Petwise have developed a sophisticated rating system so that your premium is based on your pets breed, age and post code as well as many other factors. You do not have to pay a higher premium to subsidise other pet owners.

In addition, Petwise will continue to cover ongoing conditions, up to the policy limit, with no time limit as long as you continue to renew your policies and payments are kept up to date.

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